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Dance with Me Lyrics 3 Feet Smaller


3 Feet Smaller - Dance with Me Songtext

Listen up, and shut the fuck up now
Or I swear to god, I'll knock you fucking teeth out/
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate you/
Cuz that would mean that I feel something about you/
Die, your life's useless anyway
come on, do it, slit your ateries
you don't love me, you're in love with a picture
so print my pic on your double xl t-shirt

You don't even know my real name

Dance with me/in your fantasy
But in reality leave me be

living your life must be damn hard
when illusions are all that you've got
no friends, no hope, no fucker, it sucks to be you/
give your fancy full scope, what you
already do

You think you know but you have no idea

dance with me/in your fantasy
but in reality leave me be

I wont keep you, from talking shit about me
but I hope you know, no one believes a word
you say
I'm not the father of you kid no
cuz I would never let my dick feel you
fuck you, cuz no one else does
maybe your look, could be the cause
if you died, if you died tomorrow
no one of us would be at your funeral
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