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Space Riding Lyrics 22 Pistepirkko


22 Pistepirkko - Space Riding Songtext

We're riding home in the usual way
It's getting late I've got something to say
Our wheels are burning the midnight oil
Hear me baby I'm starting to boil
There's something bad running through my veins
It's eating me
You've got nothing to say
The ride is ending
The road is long
When I'm gone you gotta stay strong

The night winds blow through our flowing hair
The stars above look alive and fair
Our wheels are tracking the yellow lines
The miles are closing, the rubber grinds
But hear me babe, I'm not gonna last
Life is getting done - maybe a bit too fast?
My ride is ending, the road is long
But what the hell, gotta sing my song!

I don't wanna run sister but I got this letter
Everybody's gotta go out sooner or later
I don't wanna see you watch me slowly fading
I don't wanna see you wear nothing black but leather
Come on let's do the space riding oh come on baby!
You know those lights mean seattle so come on baby!

The doctor says I've got no hope
It's time to take the unknown down-slope
But look above baby space is deep
Behind the stars all the curves are steep
So there I'll ride as the biker spook and there I'll shine every time you look
The ride is ending, but space is long, so what the hell, baby hear my song!

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