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Style It Takes Lyrics Velvet Underground


Velvet Underground - Style It Takes Songtext

You've got the money, I've got the time
you want your freedom, make your freedom mine
'Cause I've got the style it takes
and money is all that it takes

You've got connections and I've got the art
you like attention and I like your looks
And I have the style it takes
and you know the people it takes

Why don't you sit right over there
we'll do a movie portrait
I'll turn the camera on
and I won't even be there
a portrait that moves, you look great I think

I'll put the Empire State Building on your wall
for 24 hours glowing on your wall
Watch the sun rise above it in your room
wallpaper art, a great view

I've got a Brillo box and I say it's art
it's the same one you can buy at any supermarket
'Cause I've got the style it takes
and you've got the people it takes

This is a rock group called The Velvet Underground
I show movies on them, do you like their sound
'Cause they have a style that grates
and I have art to make

Let's do a movie here next week
We don't have sound but you're so great
you don't have to speak

You've got the style it takes, kiss
you've got the style it takes, eat
You've got the style it takes, couch
you've got the style it takes, kiss
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  • Track 13 Style It Takes
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