I Wanna Be Batman Lyrics Twiztid


Twiztid - I Wanna Be Batman Songtext

I wanna be Batman
Cuz everybody really aint shit to me
My super hero picture me if I was Batman
Studios and shows
Utility belt with a compartment for the free rolls
Smokin mad bud off in the Batcave
Jamie Madrox (????)
Gothom really don't look shit like Detroit
But I think these motherfuckers get the point
Listen, word on the street about the Arkham break
Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Two Face
All try to kill me before the nightfall
But I got a bad surprise for each one of y'all
Scarecrow try it with me when I'm up in Lakside
Blast the Bat-a-rang, watch the nitch nigga hide
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