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Trümmerwelten - Sick World Songtext

We are in a prison, no way out
The greed is what we need
Sorrow we inflict
It makes me so sick
I'm living in a hole of shit
Only anger and hate lies in your fate

I'm living in a sick world
I'm dying in a sick world
Where's my helping hand?
Where's my salvation?

But you are an angel without sins
I take your hand
Out of this hell-hole into my heaven
I show you all my dreams
I show you all my pain
Feel my anger,feel my pain
I show you my world of despair

Now you're living in my sick world
Now you're dying in my sick world
Where's your helping hand?
And where is your god?

I take your hand
and show you my wonderland
You can't move and you can't cry
You feel my anger
I show you my pain

I cut your breasts, I kick your head
I punch your cunt, I lick your blood
Ich kick your wounds,I cut your flesh
I rip your wings off, fuck all your holes

Only you can see my sick world
and only you will understand,
when my knife cuts your throat
Never again you will fuck another man
And when I close your dead eyes,
I know, for me there's no escape
No way out, out of my sick world, never
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