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Holiday Celebrate Lyrics Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton - Holiday Celebrate Songtext

I'm sitting and waiting for you
'cause you said you're on your way
I'm so excited 'cause this is my favourite holiday

(Gifts are under the tree, dinner for you and me, how special it will be)
'Cause you and I are here...
(Make all your favourite treats, ao glad that it will be)
You and me on this Christmas holiday...

Holiday, celebrate, making out with my babe
Holiday , in the snow, kissing under mistletoe...

I'm thinking about all the things we can do
when I see you tonight
I'm so excited 'cause everybody's here
so let's dance all night...

(We'll be counting down to two, Cristal for me
and you, that's what we came to do)
We came to have fun
(Joy and laughter's in the air, so glad that we can share)
You and me on this Christmas day....


All of the things I'm gonna do
celebrating with you, baby
All of the things I'm gonna do
when we're alone, oh baby
We're gonna
Go insane, dance in snowy rain,
even drink champagne
Baby, I can't wait to be alone and celebrate....

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