The Accüsed

Smothered Her Trust Lyrics The Accüsed


The Accüsed - Smothered Her Trust Songtext

Your own daughter
You smothered her trust
Soul drenched forever
The memory your lust

She was your creation of your blood
But you didn't think twice how she felt
As long as your cravings were satisfied
She didn't know any better
Know any better
What you did to her she didn't like

She was your darling little flower
Stripped of petals now just a stem
Her colorful soul peeled to black
A tear rips out the glow of your child's eye
Daddy deprived her of the privacy
Of her body and mind

Your daughter was good at keeping secrets
Too bad she wasn't a little bit older
Then maybe she would have understood
That you used her to your sickening advantage
The crying has drowned her happiness
She screams the screams that nobody hears
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