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System of a Down

Black helicopters Lyrics System of a Down


System of a Down - Black helicopters Songtext

The black helicopters comin' down, comin' down,
New World Order gonna claim this clown;
Wigger in the woodpile, kike to boot,
Fuck the militia, rootie toot toot.
I'm bad, I'm sad, but wouldn't you believe that I'm also glad?
The end is comin', the reckonin' is near,
They did it in Waco, they'll do it right here.

Take a right, take a flight to Oklahoma City,
That's where the homeboys are nitty, shitty, gritty;
There's a war goin' on, if you didn't know it,
The fascists are here and we're gonna blow it.

Hail, hail to the oven Jew, I'm the Son of Satan, how do you do?
The Son of Satan wouldn't ever have been,
If it hadn't been for anti-Semitism;
So, here I am, a fuckin' no account Jew,
Don't tread on me or I'll stomp on you.

Fuck off! Get off my case White Aryan Nations,
Get off my case black Nation of Islam,
Get off my case, jack-booted, black-suited Federal thug:
Get off fuckin' case!

Get off my fuckin' case, get off my fuckin' case,
Get off my mmmmmmmmMother fuckin' case.
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