Swingin' Utters - All That I Can Give Songtext

I took so many roads to find you
Full of dead ends and one way streets
It took some luck just to get near you
I like to believe it was destiny

Come to me, mine
I've so many things to show you
Come to me, mine
There's so much I have to tell you

My heros have fallen, been abandoned
I'd rather walk in my own shoes
Most of my idols have just vanished
Cleared Dusty shelves for something new

Come to me, mine
Follow the light that I left shining
Come to me, mine
Accept all that I am offering

I took so many drugs to see you
But ended up staring at my feet
Took up with derelicts and toyed with
manipulation and conceit

My days are numbered, as are your, dear
We're all aboard a stinking ship
I'm making all I can of mine, love
I'm giving all that I can give

Come to me, mine
I'm making all I can of mine, love
Come to me, mine
I'm giving all that I can give you, love
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