Más de mil años (english translation) Lyrics Saratoga

Saratoga - Más de mil años (english translation) Songtext


It is hard to know
How are you feeling
If the mist went away
If all goes alright
I live near you
Always observing
How are you going to deceive
Your heart?
If I'm not well worth to you
I don't need your pity
The money is not
The aim of your ambition
If you don't want it
I'll get it for me
Stop preaching

I ask you for a solution
Today you tell me "yes", tomorrow "no"
After saying so much that all was wrong
In the end I believed you
It's enough of crying, I don't wanna hear your tales
I'm not so bad, I'm still ready to win
I still have illusion, I've been here for more than a thousand years
I'm not so bad, alone and against the wall
You are not blind, look at yourself
Your throne is
Out of me, you lock yourself up
In your mirror jail
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