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Lejos de ti (english translation) Lyrics Saratoga


Saratoga - Lejos de ti (english translation) Songtext


Today again the silence drove me mad
I'm afraid, I feel rage and all is black today
Labyrinth for two
Coldness of loneliness freezes my blood again
The spell that helps me now is apart from me
Your look is almost grey
And now, is not a dream
I don't wake up, I can't feel you, oh!
Far from you, I can't feel your body of woman
Far from you, far from you again
I'll look for you far beyond the light
That I can not see
Though time every second enjoys my pain
I don't hide behind a ?bye?
You are so near, but so far
That air tear us apart
If you open your eyes and forget the rest
Rock turns into cotton, waking up into your own
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