Fancy Meeting You Here (Remastered) Album

Fancy Meeting You Here Lyrics Rosemary Clooney


Rosemary Clooney - Fancy Meeting You Here Songtext

Didn't I say?
Didn't you say?
Didn't we say?
Didn't who say?

Didn't you say you were off to China?
Fancy meeting you here!
Yes, and didn't you just board an ocean liner?
Fancy meeting you here!
Didn't we agree that our affair was too frantic,
And we'd both feel good divided by the wide Atlantic?

Weren't you yachting off the Riviera?
With Onassis!
Fancy meeting you here!
Was it jolly roaming the Sahara?
Dry, but laughs!
Fancy meeting you here!
If you don't think I have missed your lovin',
Let's get this clear, dear!
I just think it's fancy meeting you right here!

Did you say that you enjoyed Alaska?
Loved it, loved it!
Did I get a note from Madagascar?
Wrote it!
You're a good girl!
Didn't we divide our little world into sections?
A clean break!
But love has sure affected both our senses of

Say, tell me somethin', how did you ever lose that
Wealthy, that big fat Persian?
'Twasn't easy!
Fancy meetin' you here!
Did you take that African excursion?
I blew it!
Yeah, for the local zoo here!
If you don't think it's a kick to see ya,
Let's get this clear, dear!
From the way my heart is wildly beating,
What we had is more than worth repeating,
My arm, girl!
And it's more than fancy meeting you right
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