Epidemic Ignorance Lyrics Randy


Randy - Epidemic Ignorance Songtext

Another war, a thousand dead passed from the screen into my head. Upset for a minute but in a while I change channel and my anger is replaced with a smile. Suffered destruction of my mind, the same as the rest of all man kind. Blockades the head from everything, that makes you feel guilty, sick or sad. Still I believe there got to be a way that makes everybody feel OK, but when I listen to what people have to say, I think it seems like they are all afraid to react, and take stand, against this Ignorance, that rules this world. Infect people's mind, with virus you can't find. A gigantic reformation of this whole society is the only way to see the end of this malady, spreading rapidly. Keep up your spirit, keep your dream. Keep up your hope and self-esteem. Try to react on inequity. Together work to achieve equality.
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