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Children carry knives Lyrics Psyche

Psyche - Children carry knives Songtext

You felt me kiss you like a punch in the face
Your soul is damned by several sins
Just trying to get by
You believe in your lies
Ignorant to the truth
Children carry knives

Noise in the background
Only the hungry are free
But we fight and love
With false chivalry
Everything is clear as babies cry
And children carry knives
And you scream and yell
At the violent offspring
But it's a shallow attempt at making sense
When you live with sadistic intention
Our defence is our destruction
And our laws for protection
Are sometimes enough to kill
Frustration builds with everything
You try to hide
Leader of organisation

Growing in anger with all we learn
The code of ethics is changed
When our backs are turned
Strength is the answer
Passive protest starts to weaken
But before the fall
Children carry knives
Children carry knives!
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