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Never Know Lyrics Pennywise


Pennywise - Never Know Songtext

With so much bullshit what can youb elieve
So many lives all divided by greed
No way to stop no way to erase what we all cannot face
Sometimes the thunder it slowly creeps in
makes us all wonder where did it begin
No way to stop it only it will grow to what we will never know
I just can't believe no way to stop it if no one can see
We gotta take control or we will rover know
Say what you wanna say there's no tomorrow if we don't start today
We gotta take control or we will never know
It's on your tv all over the news
what does it matter it's not happening to you
No you can't stop it can't wish it way
And it happens more everyday
When will we stand up when will be heard
They go on screaming no one hears a word
No way to stop only it will grow ti what we will never know
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