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Pat Robinson

Simone Lyrics Pat Robinson


Pat Robinson - Simone Songtext

(Pat Robinson)

Another sentimental journey
To the center of the heart
I guess I had it comin' to me
And it's still tearin' me apart

And, how I need you baby
When the pieces don't all fit
What we had was just too special
To ever get over it

Simone ? Simone ? aren't you somebody's baby
Simone ? Simone ? you're drivin' somebody crazy
And, how I need your lovin' ? I can feel you're comin'

Now the strangest things happen
When you play it by the rules
You only need to back in
'Cause the players are the fools

And we'll pin the badge of courage
To the brave coward's chest
What'll happen to the loser
Is anybody's guess

Simone ? Simone ? aren't you missin' your baby
Simone ? Simone ? won't you come on home to your baby

Now I've heard you've left the islands
Left your fortune on the sand
You know I could've told you
No one else will understand ?

Simone ?
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