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Angels of the River Lyrics Oysterband

Oysterband - Angels of the River Songtext

I took my love
to the river side
this weight of love
to the river side
couldn'y get across
couldn't back down
no place to cross
but you can't back down

I was up to the knee
I was up to the neck
it was cold as ice
but I couldn't go back
fist of fear
squeeze your heart
the world goes red
and falls apart
and then
The angels of the river
The angels of the river
The angels ... Take you down

My hands are bloody
my feet are sore
I kicked the squeezebox
right across the floor
a broken tune
a broken glass
won't live long
if I live like this

And you can't go back
and you can't go round
rage like this
pulls governments down
I see her face in the stars
white like bone
stand at the edge
and howl at the moon
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