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Some says that it's worth fighting, for love, some say God is dead, but if I didn't speak
honestly my thoughts I swear to God I'd have regrets. My dream is obviosly broken and some
words are unnecessarily spoken out, but like the breath of summer breeze you kiss my tears
away. And I can't tell it it's worth singing all those songs just to prove my way is true, 'cause no
song in the world could ever show you the ways I feel for you, my heart is endlessly on fire, it's
full of boiling desire and if you can tell your love inside I say I will do it, too.

When julie says she loves me she is covering up my wounds, When Julie says she loves me the sky
in my mind turns blue, When Julie says she loves me she says more she ever said and when
Julie says she loves me I can sing a song 'cause she'll take me home.

And all those selfish bloody things I did they tell the things I wouldn't, and I know my guts like I
know that the world is green and blue(orange blue?),you give me all of those reasons I need
it's not just one of those seasons and maybe I can show the weight of words when I tell
you thousand times

When Julie says ... I can take all my dreams to bed.

And Julie says she must admit that she's the one to blame,but like the breath of summer
breeze I'll kiss your fears away-when Julie says...
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