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I'm addicted Lyrics Nonstop R & J Country-Band


Nonstop R & J Country-Band - I'm addicted Songtext

I'm addicted
(Text & Musik: Rosalia & Jürg Ziegler-Willi)

You come home like every day,
after a kiss you turn away,
you pull your working clothes off
and put your homedress on,
then you stand on front the bed,
I like to love you just like mad,
but soon the kitchen calls me back
before the meal gets black,

start making love, there is no way,
luckely the food is still ok,
but if I'm honest
I don't care a bag for beans,
cause what I want is clear,
to see, I want you all eternally,
but daily routine
stays between my mighty need

I'm addicted to every little flirt with you
and I'm glad to see you every single day
and again I start to wish my dreams come true
and I hope you feel (like me) the same strong way
and I hope you feel (like me) the same strong way

You come home like every day, ?????????..
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