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Calling Home Lyrics Noa


Noa - Calling Home Songtext

Hey, there...
Tell me what's going on
It's hard to me to feel you
when you're far away.
You knoe, I worry...
Are you sad or all alone again?
I would do anything just to know-
are you happy where you are?
I would do anything to be there
when you need me
And hold you close
And to kiss your hair
Sit on your bed
Now count to three
Open your's me.

Hey, there...
Everyone says "Hello"
I try to keep them posted on your
But all they manage is to be polite
And send regards.
I want to scream and shout
Do you know there's a crater in my heart?
I want to scream and shout
Do you know I've perfected the painfull art
Of an empthy space
Sit on my bed
Pick up the phone
Hear your voice say...

I'm home.
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