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Morbid Mind

Shut up Lyrics Morbid Mind

Morbid Mind - Shut up Songtext

running through the darkness
mind is full of madness
can you feel the sadness
body's really helpless

fall into the black hole
lose your heart and your soul
everything seems so cool
I am breaking your rule

Hey (shut up)
Hey (shut up)
never be quiet, be quiet, be quiet
don't be quiet, be quiet, be quiet
I made the mistake to believe in all their filthy lies
and now I care the f*** that they apologize

you better scream (scream with me)
you better cry (cry until you die)
against this damn abuse of trust

you better scream (scream)
you better cry (cry)
against the death
against the death

killing my emotions
loving in devotion
drowning in the ocean
pray for absolution

confident - betrayin' me
this is such a pain
I feel this hate in me
deep inside my brain
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