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Mero - It Must Be Love Songtext

You come around
I can't fake it
You've won the better part of me
You turn around
I can't take it
You've shown me the worlds I've never seen

Every moment
Every day that passes by
It's no wonder
You elevate me to a place I can't describe baby

It must be love
It must be you
It must be everything I wish for
It must be us
It must be true
Baby everything I do
Is for you
It must be love

You say the words
Somehow you hold the remedies
You read my thoughts
You know my motions
Without a doubt you fill that vacancy

Every moment
Every dream that passes by
It's no wonder
We're still together
After all this time baby

It must be love etc.etc.

I don't know what I'm feeling
But I know it feels so right
Everything I'm revealing
Baby you know it's for you
It must be love

to fade.
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