Smoke and Stardust Lyrics Luror


Luror - Smoke and Stardust Songtext

If this is life I'm captured in
What is outside of these grey plastic walls?
Burning letters written in crimson
Tranquilized but boiling blood
Gives nothing but a hint to the exit
I blend my essence with alcoholic spirits
While the pulse is running out of time
The experience of physical pain
Seems unavoidable now

A warrior's instinct in a demonic embrace
A madman's inspiration the advice
Drowning in folklore pictures
If the spirits come to catch me
I won't run to hide...

Riding the smoke of burning wisdom
Of burning books and dead words,
Thoughts are overcome by visions
To conquer stardust at last

A warrior's spirit in search of the truth
A shaman's way to claim existence
The spirits won't burn for the fire is me...

If this is life I'm captured in
I will conquer death in time...
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