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Day turns to night as I rise from my grave
Black was the hole where I laid
Stalking the city to seek out your blood
I love when it showers from my blade
Your body is so pretty, but how will it look
When my perverted lust is stilled
No one to save you; no parents or friends
Because they've already got killed

My only aim is to take many lives
The more, the better I feel
My only pleasure is to hear many cries
From those tortured by my steel
The colour of your blood from your open body
Is all I wanted to see
Tasting the blood from your lips as you die
Means satisfaction to me

Pleasure To Kill!

Hear my heartbeat as you see me upon you
Tears in your eyes, I do not care
Listen now to the motor of my chainsaw
Open your eyes, don't be scared
Look into my eyes, do you see any love?
The only thing is agony
Now I can't wait to give you the good pain
Die now and be free

Now that my mission is done
Your body forgotten, has been killed
I return to the cemetery
And my bloodlust is stilled
My coffin is open for me
I lay down and rest
Nothing will set me free
And so I kill untill excess
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