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Born & Raised Album

Be Real Lyrics Joy Denalane

Joy Denalane - Be Real Songtext

Be Real

Verse 1
You Don't Have To Promise Me
A Sweet Life Of Luxury
Cause I Done Heard My Share Of Prophecy
You Don't Have To Spend Your Last Dime
Just So We Can Wine And Dine
Cause Everything In Life Has Its Place And Time

And All I Ever Really Wanted
Was A Man Who Can Understanding
What This Woman Truly Needs
Just Be Real For Me

Verse 2
You Don't Have To Live Up
To Every Expectation
You Don't Owe Nobody An Explanation
You Don't Have To Spend Your Sleepless Nights
Worried Bout The Times To Come
Nothing We Can't Do As Long As We Are One


I'm So Blessed To Have You
Cause True Companionship Is Hard To Find
Someone To Share My Ups And Downs
Darling You're My Peace Of Mind
And All I Ever Want You To See Is
You Got To Be Real For Me
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