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Let Go Lyrics Joy Denalane


Joy Denalane - Let Go Songtext

a player only loves you when he's playing
girlfriend I hope you listen to what I'm saying
how you think you gonna stop him from betraying
can't teach an old dog new tricks you know
you like a man who's ruff around the edges
claiming he's changing, a bunch of empty pledges
can't believe a damn thing he alleges
think twice before you head on down that road

ladies you got to learn to let go
cause he ain't never gonna change no
now it's time to show him out the door
not gonna take his mess nor more

he got you waiting at home while he's out in club all night Lyrics
got to let go, got to let go
got you paying all the bills and you know that it ain't right
got to let go, got to let go
if he got a baby-mama-drama all over the town
got to let go, got to say no
even your friends try to tell you he's messing around
got to let go, got to let go

they promise you the stars in the beginning
it takes a while for you to find out that he's swindeling
depending on your money and he's clinging
you live and learn only if you recognize
you stick with him because you thinks he needs you
it's almost like you don't see the way he treats you
there's even talk you won't leave him because you're to weak to



and don't think I haven't been through it all myself
hoping that one day he'll become someone else


chorus 2
he be puffing on weed first thing in the morn'
got to let go, got to let go
why is he still sitting in the same spot when you get home
got to let go, got to let go
the whole world's against him, but it's never his fault
got to let go, got to say no
you try to break it down, but he don't hear you at all
got to let go, got to let go
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