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Funny How Time Slips Away Lyrics Jerry Lee Lewis


Jerry Lee Lewis - Funny How Time Slips Away Songtext

Well hello there,
My, it's been a long long time

How am I doin', let me tell you honey,
I guess, I guess I'm doin' fine, ...yeah

It's been so long now, and it seems
OooOooh, It was ooonly yesterday
Aaain't it funny how time slips away, yeah

How's your new love,
Oh Lord, I hope that he's doin' fine ...mmmhm
Have you told him, yeah

That you'd love him till the end of time
Now, that's the same thing
that you told me
Whoaaa, Lord, honey, it just seems like the other day
He, he, he, myh, ain't it funny, how time slips away

Well, I've gotta go now,
Mmmm, guess I'll see you hanging 'round Mmhm

Don't know when though
Never know when I'll be back here in town
But I want you to remember, what I tell you
That in time, your gonna get down on your knees and pray, and pray, and pray, and pray
Ain't it surprisin' how time slips away
(ending) Mmmmmm!
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