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C.I.A. Lyrics Ian Cussick

Ian Cussick - C.I.A. Songtext

i wanted to ask you the $64 question
no flags on you, you're sitting it out
keepin' cool, taking it all in reflection

you say it's true, for everything
there's a time and a place and a season
i'll give you my life if you give me a meaning

take me away
take me away from this prison
give us this day
it belongs to the stars and the seaons
no C.I.A. (we have the technology)
you give me the reason
take me away

my material life is so short
can you give me the sign now
i'll count on you
to take me through phases and planes
higher levels of life now

i'm trusting you, i'll give up my body and soul
if you teach me a lesson
if it is that you're right and we're wrong
then you've answered my question
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