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Who dares wins Lyrics Ian Cussick

Ian Cussick - Who dares wins Songtext

one day is eternity here in your life
to play your illusions to justify
to run with the wind and to dance with the sun
to pray for just being, believing in none

as the Hand completes the circle
and the neverend begins
in time youll surely realize
the nature of these things
but the heroes know the secret
and the secret is the fact
that who dares wins

to love and to be loved the echo returns
to sing from the mountain a passion that burns
to run to the distance is open, but then
relive all the future, the choice you had when

who wins, he takes all the glory
who wins, he will write the story
who wins, will remain a lifetime
who wins, has the world in his hand
forever and ever and ever
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