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Don't Call It Love Lyrics Girlschool


Girlschool - Don't Call It Love Songtext

You know I seen this all before
And I know what your waiting for
But I won't be fooled again
By someone like you.

I knew right from the start,
That you would break my heart.

Don't Call it love, Don't Call it love.
Don't Call it love, Donlt call it, Don't Callit love.

You know you seem so far away
But for me, just another day
You know the good times go so fast
That they never last.

So if you take your time,
You could change my mind.

Don't call it love, don't call it love.
Don't call it love, don't call it, don't call it love.

Please don't call it love,
From the moon and stars above,
Please don't call it love,
Don't call it, Don't call it love.

by Danielle
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