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G.G. Anderson - Cheerio Songtext

Let's go to the party and join me tonight

Let's have the glass of champain;
Take off your shoes
let's go side by side
And bare-footed walk in the rain.
Gimme your glass
fill it again

Tonight you're my lover and I am your man

till then.
Cheerio - Cheerio

My lovely dreamer
sweet dream believer.
Cheerio - Cheerio

Let's greet the morning
don't leave me tonight.
We walk in the park and I look in your eyes

And I feel your heart beatin' fast

The place in the meadow so warm and so nice
Can't tell what we did there at last.
Let people say that we must be insane

I do what I want
for me it's the same

till then.
Cheerio - Cheerio
. . .
Cheerio - Cheerio
. . .
Cheerio - Cheerio
. . .
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