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Fabulously Lazy Lyrics Franz Ferdinand


Franz Ferdinand - Fabulously Lazy Songtext

I've hardly seen her like before
Somewhere else
Nowhere else before
The girl in the spotlight evermore
Like no-one before
Forever more

Bloody Marys, two for tea
Bubble bath and TV
All the boys from rock and roll
Sometimes she likes soul
No-one sees her lift a finger
What a singer
What a dancer
What a sinner

Fabulously lazy

All my work, for what it's worth
Won't do me none
Can make you feel so right
All those winds are a loss
Can't be a winner
If she's never lost

Her success is divine
What a word for mine
Daytime is a tragedy
But now it smells like victory
Who does she think she is?
What a singer
What a dancer
What a sinner

She leaves the world in envy
All is now, no maybe
No-one's left untouched
She's so fabulously lazy

Fabulously lazy
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