Firefall - No Class Songtext

You been provin' somethin' baby - ooh but not to me
You're so smooth and tough and maybe don't know how to be
Tryin' to achieve a place in your high society
The part you've thrown yourself into is not
impressing me

You want to break out of obscurity
You want to get up where you think you ought to be
But everyone will see
You got no class

One step up and two more back on your social ladder
To live a life the way you do I've never seen
anything sadder
You been in this game awhile such a waste of time
The players had so much more style but you've pursued the climb

You lie around and plot your strategy
You want to get up there as high as you can be
But everyone will see
Yu got no class

You have such ambition you want to be well known
You want recognition but you will never make it on your own-go home

You got to get up there as high as you can go
What makes you think that you've got anything to show
Everyone would know
You got no class
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