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Be in Love Tonight Lyrics Firefall


Firefall - Be in Love Tonight Songtext

When I saw her standing over there after school
I stopped dead in my tracks and stared like a fool
Now she's comin' this way I hear myself say
Hey baby whatcha doin' tonight?

She smiled and said oh nothin' much
I thought I'd go to a show
I smiled and gave her hand a touch
Hey maybe I could go
She said that sounds great (you got yourself a date)
Pick me up at eight (don't be late)
And as she turned away I just thought I might

Be in love tonight (2x)
Tell me that you might
Be in love tonight (please)

Now I'm waiting patiently for her to come down
I can tell her add and mom don't like me hangin' 'round
Finally now we're off (goin' to the show)
She feels oh so soft (I just can't let go)
She's oh so sweet will ya make my night complete

Repeat Chorus
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