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Ellen Foley

The Shuttered Palace Lyrics Ellen Foley


Ellen Foley - The Shuttered Palace Songtext

To the sons of Europe: Won't you come inside
my shuttered palace and I am the bride?
Now I'm a woman, I walk past your café
to the sons of Europe, I call out and say.

Now as I stroll down your boulevard
you hear those Fiats and taxis blow their horns so hard.
When I go out walking flocks of birds rise from the square
and all the seigneurs and monsieurs pull up to the curb.


En francais.

Aaah, [Refrain]

My shuttered palace lies away from the sun.
It isn't far there, a little further, so why don't you come?
You call out your offers to me in your mother tongue,
but you don't act so macho when I ask you to come.

Aaah, [Refrain]

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