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Born This Way Lyrics Dusty Springfield


Dusty Springfield - Born This Way Songtext

Some people know what they wanna be
Some people see what they wanna see
Everybody needs some kind of dream
But the complexities of life escape to an ideal scene

People try to tell you how to live your life
Let the blind lead the blind
Well, that's all right
So make up your mind
The fool or the wise
There are things in this life
That you don't compromise

Break away
Take the time to know your mind
And leave it all behind you
And say
That's the way I am

Yeah - I was born this way
Can't you see it in my eyes?
I was born this way
Can you feel it in your heart and say

It's not always easy to disagree
Don't make excuses for what you see
There's one thing in life
And have no doubt
You're on the way up
On the way out

Oh - some people see what's gonna be
But they hide in a corner
From reality
Sometimes you're up
And sometimes your down
You can't spend your whole life
Just fooling around

Break away
Take the time to break the ties
And leave it all behind you and say
That's the way I am

In this world
In this world
There's a love that's unspoken
Letting go
Reaching out
Then it's time to search your heart
It's time for you to learn to love yourself
Respect yourself
Say - that's the way I am.
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