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Time Waits for No One Lyrics Dusty Springfield


Dusty Springfield - Time Waits for No One Songtext

Lonliness...can lock you up
Like prison walls...around your heart
You waste fall apart
The seconds tick away and the world is turning

Time...waits for no one
Especially me baby - I don't know about you
Time, time, time waits for no one
So what about you wanna ran away with me?

Your tender words release my soul
You move so strong - you've got to know
Your eyes reveal that maybe we should try
The walls won't come down unless you open fire
We gotta make a move cause you don't deny it (baby)

You can run from me but you can't run from yourself
You'd only lose what you really want to love
It's a sad, sad story - it's always the same
If you don't take chances then there's nothing to gain.
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