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Licked by the Tongues of Pride Lyrics Die Apokalyptischen Reiter


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Licked by the Tongues of Pride Songtext

Penetrated by desire
Emptied by the masters fire
By-pass required - a burning shell
Access denied - exit hell

Turn around, face the lecher
Close the skin and bear the anger
Infiltrate your enemies
Give 'em pain and luxuries.

Licked by the tongues of pride
I shall forever walk inside
Kissed by the lips of insanity
I shall die eternally.

Surround the icons, burn 'em down
And magnetize emperor's crown
Devour the dust of bible - lines
Live 1000 years in suicide mines

Kingdom's painted bitter black
Fear the serpent in your neck
Summon the golden wine of sun
Drink the sky when time has come
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