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Poor Man's Crusade Lyrics Demons & Wizards


Demons & Wizards - Poor Man's Crusade Songtext

The Holy Ghost can't save you anymore
Your souls are condemned to burn in hell
Damned for all time
So spoke the noble one
He convinced us all
He is a gifted man
Though he will slaughter
In the name of Christ

Holy and bright
He's a devil in disguise
Protector of the cross
Beware of the snake

All in all it's just a poor man's crusade
Poor man's crusade

The Holy Land home of our blessed lord
Enslaved and stained by godless hands
They shall be damned
Is waiting for you
To rise once again
So we will slaughter in the name of Christ

Holy father, holy father


You'll shed your blood
Your bodies fall
That is the price you'll pay
To cleanse you of your sins
Vicious and cruel
Let's kill them all
Let's kill them all

Holy father, holy father

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