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Love's Tragedy Asunder Lyrics Demons & Wizards


Demons & Wizards - Love's Tragedy Asunder Songtext

Here in the shadows
There's no wishing well
May the Blessed one forgive me
Like so many times before
There's no saviour at the door
It won't matter anymore

Touch me now while we reach the end,
I wonder where you are right now, right now,
Oh my dear

She still has sunshine in her weary eyes
A bed of roses to testify my love
A promise made, now I will make a try
There is no power in earth to tear us apart

Love's tragedy asunder
Oh, set your spirit free
Love's tragedy asunder
Do I believe

Deep in the shadows there's no release
[I believe] Deep in the shadows you won't find peace
[I believe] We live in a dreamworld, it's over now
I'll take your hand, our time is sure to come

On broken wings I try to fly
I'm sorry I will get it by
All praise and glory,
All praise and glory to love

I've buried sunlight when I shutter eyes
Dead leaves to dust, the seasons bloom
A glimpse of Heaven showed an angel cry
Tenfold the cries of Crack of Doom

Love's tragedy asunder
Wanted peace for me
Love's tragedy asunder
Will I be free

Love's tragedy asunder
Will I be free
Love's tragedy asunder
Falling misery
Love's tragedy asunder
Do I believe
Love's tragedy asunder
Still I believe
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