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Dead Or Alive - Sit on It Songtext

Oh, you've got a brand new way of life I do not like so,
I'm p-p-p-p-p-p-packing my things and I'm running around so
Sit on it, sit on it, sit on it.
You you got the kind of looks that I just cannot take
Oh, the kind of steps that you were set
Well, I really really long to break but
You must have something, you must have something
Sit on it, sit on it, sit on it

You got me switching and bitching- everywhere!
First I get the feeling, and then I just can't feel it where it is
I see you but I can't touch you, move on up 'coz I can't feel you
Sit on it sit on it sit on it

Wish You Were Here
Oh, I need somebody to play with baby
You have what somebody else has to stay with
I simply cannot ignore you
Come over here, I'll do something for you
Girls won't, boy's don't
You've got me, you get a lot of meat
I call you up and
all I can say is oh I wish you were here, here
where I can see ya, see ya

I should grow up
and learn that people are not toys now
forget it boy, forget it boy
I won't
I have got my fingers in my ears
I block out what people are saying
Block out the noise
Block out the noise
You won't

No one would know

No one would know

Oh won't you please come
No one would know
You know I wish, I wish that you were here
I wish, I wish that you were here

Absolutely Nothing
Where are you when the sun goes down
And I need somebody that I can rely on?
Where are you when I'm all alone
And I'm wanting a mattress, that I can lie on?
Well I look for you most everywhere
And I've been tought about crawling away
But I'm gettign nowhere and you're on the run so,
I've gotta ask you, I've gotta ask you
*What are you worth babe? Nothing!
What do you give me? Nothing! Nothing!
What are you good points? Nothing!
What am I left with, nothing, nothing!

Well I've got detectives on the job and what do they come up with?
And I've torn down all of your secret walls and what do I find there?

I need somebody, somebody, anybody's body

Absolutely nothing!
I need somebody's body
Absolutley I need anybody's body
I need anybody's body
(continue with ad libs from this section)

What do you give me?
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