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Too Proud To Beg Lyrics David Rovics

David Rovics - Too Proud To Beg Songtext

He walked the streets of this neighborhood
Long as anyone knew
Used to work in construction
But those days are long through
On this hot summer morning
Everyone lowered their heads
The heat wave is over
And Pat O'Leary's dead

He was too old to work
And he had a bum leg
But they cut him off welfare
And he was too proud to beg

For a roll and some coffee
He'd be up at sunrise
With a joke for the vendors
And a smile in his eyes
With the other old-timers
He'd wile the years
With a wink for the children
And a listening ear


His niece and his sister
They asked him to stay
But he liked the old neighborhood
He said "It's better this way"
He said "Soon I'll make it
"To sixty-five
"And I got my old Buick
"Till that day arrives"

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