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Money Stinks Lyrics D.R.I.


D.R.I. - Money Stinks Songtext

I stayed at home today
and I'm not going back to work
money stinks this city stinks
smell the power, smell the health
smell the poverty of America's wealth
money smells of evil, greed
capitalist wants and pumps up needs


smell the logic, smell the jet planes
the dangerous goals and the crooked aims
smell the progress, smell the dirty money
smells like shit, this isn't funny


nobody cares about the air we breathe
nobody cares about the air we need
smell the profit, smell the success
smell the dying dream of the mighty west
smell the factories, smell all the cars
the adult book stores and the topless bars
smell the pretty people, smell their false pity
smell the broken promise of the living city
smell the real reason, smell, smell the one way plan
the real estate, the desperate, state of modern man
smell the excess, smell the death
smell the wet dream of this human mess
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