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Ballance of Terror Lyrics D.R.I.

D.R.I. - Ballance of Terror Songtext

they've known all along
since the first time they dropped the bomb
they saw the power
everyone knew it was time to stop
but they could not
well I've seen the sign
I know it's time
to shed a tear
to draw the line
but they can't stop now 'cause it's too late
the end is near and they can't wait

balance of power
balance of terror
we're in this too deep
to correct our error

a communist plan, it's all a plot
and you're part of it if you think it's not
we had an hour , now we've got a minute
you can't hide now, we're all in it


nobody rules, nobody wins
when there's no earth, to you my friends
we've got a chance if we make a stand
join the rulers or join a band
balance of power balance of terror

someone calls a bluff and we're finished
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