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Taxi, Taxi Lyrics Cher

Album Believe

Cher - Taxi, Taxi Songtext

All these streets are never ending
Tie them in a knot
Drive me through a red light waiting
For everoyne to stop
Sing to me like Pavarotti
Sing to me of Spain
Take me to your operetta
And make it rain

Taxi, taxi give me a ride
I'm ganna take you to the other side
Taxi, taxi turn off your light
I'm going ride with you all night

Take me to your meditation
Take me to your door
Show me love's sweet revelation
Lying on your floor Hold me in your arms forever
Take me to the end
Drive me to the edge of nowhere
And sing again

You're as cool as Colorado
And Orpheus on fire
Crash the car into a rainbow
Here with me tonight
All the satellites are shining in the starry sky
I can feel your arms surround me
Higher and higher

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