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Don't Put Your Hands on Me Lyrics Boyz N Da Hood


Boyz N Da Hood - Don't Put Your Hands on Me Songtext

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You can talk all the fuck you want (don't put your hands on me) Boyz
Betcha ass gon' get stomped (don't put your hands on me) Da
You better get the fuck up out my face (don't put your hands on me) Hood
Bitch nigga better stay in your place (don't put your hands on me) Don't

[Jody Breeze]
Well it's a lot of y'all thinking y'all got great big balls Put
Bout to get everybody wit ya hit cause you ain't heard bout us Your
We on the curb trying to get it like everybody
And we some thugs so we ain't even worried bout ya Hands
Who gives a fuck bout where you hang and who you hung wit On
I could care less which one of you punks the punk bitch Me
If it's my word best believe I'ma stand on it Songtexte
Try me like I'm playing my man I'ma put my hands on ya Songtext

[Young Jeezy]
Fuck security they a bunch of hoes
Bout to get they damn thongs exposed (yeeaahh) Lyrics
And I got that feeling
Say the wrong damn thing nigga have ya dancing on the ceiling Lyric
I ain't lotto but I'm rich nigga
And I'ma still smoke cause you'd a bitch nigga Liedertexte
Jeezy a grown ass man homie
Say what you want but don't put your hands on me Liedertext


Niggaz looking like they want some action
Shake something lets see what's happening Alle
Act a donkey start the yapping we gon' get it cracking Boyz
We make your whole click stop, drop, and then bitch
Purchase Moet bottles just to bust you cross the head wit Da
Cuz the shits gon' get gritty as a sewer pit
Boyz N Da Hood bitch guess we gotta a truer click Hood
And we gon' show them lames exactly what they dealing wit Don't
Watch them dumb fucks cuddle up when the tool clicks

[Big Gee] Put
My poultry died
My car got towed today
My lights ain't on Your
My folks stole all the yay
My piss dirty P.O. gon' told the state Hands
Rent late trying to find me a home to stay
Bench warrants in bout 4 southeastern states On
Last night I shot a nigga all in the face
I just got another call full of bad news Me
Touch me I'ma kill ya got problems and an attitude Songtexte


Now I'm off up in the club drunk, twisted and booted Songtext
You don't wanna test the gangsta when the grams get tooted Lyrics
Pack a plastic pistol partner please believe I'll shoot it Lyric
It's the perfect time and place when you want me to prove it Liedertexte

[Big Gee]
You can huff and puff like the big bad wolf Liedertext
I'll bar ya face up tight and sport the kick ass look Alle
You can flabber jack, chow jack, talk back
cuss me, tongue wrestle til ya tongue tied Boyz
But don't touch me

[Young Jeezy]
I'm such a gangsta I don't tout glocks Da
Pop the trunk pump ya ass like some Reeboks
And I'm strapped I ain't slipping Hood
Red jersey on Jeezy still cropping

[Jody Breeze]
At any time I'm willing to pop the clip in Don't
Cock back one up in ya hip and see if you limp then Put
I done said just about what the fuck I'ma say Your
So I'ma leave saying nigga stay the fuck out my face cause I ain't playing Hands
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