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Save your tears Lyrics Blutengel

Album Omen

Blutengel - Save your tears Songtext

Every day you wake up from your sleep
You feel the cold sweat on your skin
Another nightmare makes you feel this way

You remember the days
You remember the past
when you were so much younger
And you did not know what the future will bring

You look in the mirror and you see your face
You count the scars on your skin
But you know that on your soul there are even more

You pray every day and you pray every night
that he won't come back,
that he will hurt you no more
And you wish you could smile again some day

Will you save your tears for me?
I can help you overcome your pain
I will stay until the end

Will you trust me when I say:
I will be there in your darkest days
and the sun will rise again for you?
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