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Strife (Chug Chug) Lyrics As Blood Runs Black


As Blood Runs Black - Strife (Chug Chug) Songtext

The risk of failure's
What makes life worth living
A chance is given for more
Doors can shut to make new beginnings
Another chance to explore

Would you carry out
What you walked through?
Would you carry out
And make fucken move?

A blame life you live,
Walking on what you made
took shit for granted,
And threw it all away
Then along came 1, then 1 and 3,
Then 1 more a set to see,
A set to see
You tried to push us away,
You pushed it away,
You pushed it all away,
Pushed us away!

The risk of failure's what makes life worth living,
a chance is given for more
Doors can shut to make new beginnings,
and I'm not depressed from it
It's just you fucken testament!
We tried over and over again,
To pull you through,
Now we're at the very end
But where are you
Another band,
A fallen dream,
Another outcast,
Another 1 to a band,
A fallen dream,
A fucken outcast!

Now that your gone we carry out this torch,
The one you threw away with no remorse.
No fuel to light the fire,
But we're still going strong!

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