After The Tragedy

Roses in the Fence Lyrics After The Tragedy


After The Tragedy - Roses in the Fence Songtext

Start the van set the gears into overdrive
there's a burning for rock that will not subside
'til the stage is in flames and the crowd is blind
chasing dreams with the speed of a tear that hides
under eyes of a nonchalant goodbye
for a lover who's at the end of life
with the pride of a shell from a .45
still smoking in the hand of the one alive
your voices test the tears that distort our eyes
If our hearts were the rain, you would be the clouds
If your love was the clouds it would rain, rain down
If hatred were fire then this town could
not burn down

This is our destination
(We are the unified)
Our hearts exhaust dejection
(We will, we will not die)



So goodbye to everyone, I'll return before long
Your intention leads you on; this is your deserved song
So I'll write for your assent,
you should know your meaning
you're the roses in our fence
You're our words concluding
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