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We All Float Lyrics After The Tragedy


After The Tragedy - We All Float Songtext

Consider the consequence of thinking your thoughts out loud
Everyone wonders everyone doubts
Is faith more than a feeling? Is God a light behind a cloud?
Can it ever be easy? What happens when we start to doubt?

Why cant we learn from mistakes that we dont make?
Why is our life a disaster when youre not part of it?
What tells us were doing fine at our own pace?
When will we learn that a fall isnt part of your intent?

Ill work this problem over, I know there is no easy way out of this one
Ill find my own solution
But then what happened last time, I lost my way at sea
And found my own ambition, destroyed by my obsession
So where do I go from here? When will I know what lifes about?
Is there more than just living? Am I still loved when Im in doubt?


You were always there
We were never aware of your love
You will always care
We were never perfect, we were never worthy no
Not for your love
Were the ones who murdered
Were the ones who killed your son
Yet still you love

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